Crafting the Perfect Snuffle Mat: The Best Materials to Use

When it comes to creating a fantastic snuffle mat for your beloved furry friend, the choice of materials is paramount. A snuffle mat is not just an entertaining toy for your dog; it’s an ingenious puzzle that stimulates their senses and engages their minds.

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In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 materials to craft the ultimate snuffle mat. From fabric choices to filler options, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a snuffle mat that your pup will adore.

Fabric choices for your snuffle mats

You definitely don’t want your dog to start feeling uncomfortable and dislike the gifts you bought for the snuffle mat as soon as they get close.

So creating the foundation of your snuffle mats starts with selecting the right fabric. The material you choose will affect the mat’s durability, texture, and overall appeal to your dog.

Fleece fabric

When it comes to crafting a snuffle mat, fleece fabric is an exceptional choice. The soft and plush texture of fleece is not only gentle on your dog’s sensitive nose and paws but also creates a cozy and inviting surface for them to explore.

Fleece offers the added advantage of coming in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize the mat’s appearance to match your dog’s preferences or your home decor.

This versatility ensures that your snuffle mat is not just an engaging puzzle but also a visually appealing addition to your dog’s playtime.

Furthermore, fleece is remarkably easy to work with, making it an ideal material for DIY projects.

Its forgiving nature allows you to create intricate hiding spots for treats while maintaining the overall integrity of the fabric.

Felt fabric

Another popular choice for crafting snuffle mats is felt fabric. Felt is known for its durability and resilience, making it an excellent option for a material that can withstand your dog’s enthusiastic snuffling.

What sets felt apart is its slightly different texture compared to fleece. It provides a tactile sensation that many dogs find intriguing, adding an extra layer of sensory engagement.

Felt is available in various thicknesses and colors, which contributes to its versatility. You can select the thickness that aligns with your dog’s preferences and the color that complements your home decor.

The sturdiness of felt means it can endure the enthusiastic digging and searching that your dog might engage in while foraging for treats. This durability ensures that your snuffle mat remains a long-lasting source of entertainment and mental stimulation.

Canvas material

Canvas material is a go-to option when you’re looking for durability and resilience, especially if you have an active or larger dog.

While canvas may not offer the same level of softness as fleece or the unique texture of felt, it excels at providing a robust foundation for your snuffle mat.

colorful snuffle mat for dogs

The durability of canvas ensures that it can withstand the most vigorous digging and searching from your dog. It’s an excellent choice for dogs who tend to be more enthusiastic about their snuffle mat exploration.

Incorporating canvas into your snuffle mat adds an extra layer of sturdiness. The material’s resilience guarantees that your mat will remain in great condition even after repeated use.

Canvas provides peace of mind that your snuffle mat will continue to provide a stimulating and engaging activity for your dog over time.

Filler materials for a feeding snuffle mat

The filling inside is also an important thing for dogs. Once you’ve selected the fabric for your feeding snuffle mat, it’s time to think about what goes inside. The filler material is crucial, as it’s what your dog will be foraging through to find treats.

Dry food and treats

When it comes to choosing filler materials for your snuffle mat, using your dog’s kibble or favorite treats is a practical and cost-effective option.

It not only simplifies the process but also ensures a familiar scent and taste that your dog adores, making the snuffle mat a highly rewarding experience for them.

This choice offers the advantage of utilizing items you likely already have on hand. It’s a great way to repurpose your dog’s daily meals or their favorite treats, ensuring that they remain engaged and satisfied while foraging through the snuffle mat.

The familiar scent of their food can also provide a sense of comfort to your dog, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Fabric strips

For those seeking to elevate the complexity of their snuffle mat, consider adding fabric strips to the filler material. Cutting fabric into small pieces and weaving them into the mat creates an additional layer of challenge for your dog.

snuffle mat

The introduction of fabric strips means your dog will need to work through the fabric to uncover the hidden treats. This not only engages their sense of smell but also provides a physical challenge as they use their paws and noses to navigate the fabric.

The combination of mental and physical stimulation can keep your dog engaged for longer periods of time, making the snuffle mat an enriching and tiring experience.

Scented materials

Infusing the filler material with scents that your dog loves can take the snuffle mat experience to a whole new level. A hint of peanut butter, a drop of essential oil, or other enticing scents can make the snuffle mat even more enticing.

The introduction of appealing scents encourages your dog to spend more time exploring the mat. Their noses will be working overtime to seek out these alluring fragrances, creating a sensory adventure that goes beyond the visual and tactile aspects.

Scented materials can be particularly effective in capturing your dog’s attention, making the snuffle mat a highly engaging and rewarding pastime.

Additional elements to enhance your snuffle mat for dogs

To take your snuffle mat to the next level and ensure it provides maximum enrichment for your dog, consider incorporating these elements.

Non-Slip backing

Incorporating a non-slip backing into your snuffle mat is a thoughtful addition that serves multiple purposes.

This practical feature guarantees that the mat stays securely in place while your dog enthusiastically explores the sensory experience it offers.

One of the primary advantages of non-slip backing is the enhanced safety it provides.

As your dog excitedly forages for hidden treats, there’s a natural tendency for the mat to shift or slide on smooth surfaces. This movement can lead to potential accidents or frustration for your pup.

A non-slip backing effectively prevents such mishaps by keeping the mat firmly anchored, ensuring your dog’s paws remain stable during their exploration.

Moreover, the added stability creates a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for your dog.

They can focus on the task at hand without distractions caused by a shifting mat. This peace of mind ensures that your dog’s snuffle mat adventure is both entertaining and safe.

Puzzle pieces

To take your snuffle mat to the next level, consider integrating removable puzzle pieces into the design. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of complexity to the snuffle mat, making it an even more engaging and challenging activity for your dog.

The inclusion of puzzle pieces transforms the snuffle mat into a multifaceted puzzle that your dog must navigate to access hidden treats.

Each piece presents a unique challenge, requiring your dog to think critically and engage their problem-solving skills. This mental stimulation can be highly enriching, encouraging your dog to spend more time exploring the mat.

Puzzle pieces provide variety and unpredictability to the snuffle mat experience. They can be rearranged in different configurations to continually present new challenges, preventing boredom and maintaining your dog’s interest in the activity.

As your dog works their way through the puzzle, they’ll not only discover hidden treats but also experience a more intellectually stimulating adventure.

Hidden pockets

Sewing hidden pockets into your snuffle mat introduces an exciting element that prolongs the fun and engagement of your dog.

These pockets offer a unique twist to the traditional snuffle mat, as they allow you to place treats or small toys inside.

Hidden pockets require your dog to work diligently to uncover these concealed treasures, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to their foraging experience.

As your dog sniffs and explores, they’ll encounter these hidden gems, and the thrill of discovery will keep them entertained and engaged for longer periods.

This feature also allows you to adjust the level of difficulty by varying the placement and number of hidden pockets.

You can gradually increase the challenge as your dog becomes more proficient at using the mat, ensuring that the snuffle mat remains a stimulating and enjoyable activity over time.


Crafting the best snuffle mats for your dog is a rewarding and creative endeavor. By carefully selecting the right fabric, filler materials, and additional elements, you can ensure your snuffle mat provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your furry friend.

Whether you opt for the softness of fleece or the durability of canvas, your dog will undoubtedly appreciate the effort you put into creating their perfect snuffle mat. So gather your materials and start crafting a sensory adventure that your dog will cherish.



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