Puppy Feeding Snuffle Mat

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Puppy Feeding Snuffle Mat

Large Storage Space for Food

Food can be discreetly stored throughout, offering ample storage capacity, efficient space utilization, and prolonged scent detection.

Foldable Design

Equipped with an adjustable cord lock at its center, the mat offers convenient options for storage modification.

360° Half-Moon Shape Design

This 360° half-moon shape design allows pets to stretch comfortably, promoting restful sleep.

Soft Fleece Fabric

The soft fleece is gentle on teeth, maintains its suppleness and flexibility, has excellent resilience, and resists tearing.

Training/Relieving Stress and Boredom/Increasing Pet Enjoyment

According to research, ten minutes of sniffing is comparable to one hour of jogging, which may both expend energy and ease tension in dogs! Because dogs utilize their sense of smell to explore and comprehend their surroundings, and the cerebral stimulation given by sniffing helps to tire them out and lessen their stress levels.

Three Common Challenges Faced by Pet Owners

Depressed Mood

Destructive Behavior


A snuffle mat can help dogs with a keen sense of smell relieve stress; it can help dogs who are unable to go for long walks release energy and satisfy their curiosity; it can also help dogs with separation anxiety and prevent destructive behavior while at home alone.

Benefits of a Snuffle Mat

  • No limitations on play area: can be used indoors or outdoors
  • A stimulating and energy-consuming puzzle toy
  • Helps stabilize a dog’s heart rate and emotions
  • Allows for independent play, aiding dogs in adjusting to being alone.

Snuffle Training

Secure Brim

Eco Soft Fleece

Anti-slip Adhesive


A snuffle mat is an engaging toy designed to tap into your dog’s keen sense of smell. Constructed of soft fabric flaps, it’s an ideal place to tuck away treats, challenging your furry friend to find them.
Place treats or kibble into the mat’s flaps, allowing your dog to sniff and hunt for them. It’s also a fantastic tool to moderate speedy eaters, ensuring they eat at a slower pace.
Absolutely! Just ensure your chosen mat is crafted from non-toxic materials. Always supervise your pup to prevent chewing or swallowing fabric pieces.
Most snuffle mats are. They can usually be thrown into the washing machine or hand-washed. Always double-check the mat’s care guidelines first.
Begin by placing treats visibly on the mat. Once your dog shows interest, progress to hiding them in the flaps. Over time, make the treat locations more intricate for added fun.
Definitely! Use it as a training reward or a distraction tool during undesirable behaviors.
Feel free to use it regularly, but it might be best to restrict play to several times weekly to avoid overexertion or loss of interest.
Match the mat size to your dog’s size. Bigger dogs will benefit from larger mats with numerous treat spots. For tinier breeds, steer clear of mats that might be too vast or overwhelming. Always check mat dimensions before buying.


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